Kaiser Permanente Retiree Organization


KaPeRs About Us

Brief History (Founding, Goals and Membership)

The Kaiser Permanente Retirees (KaPeRs) organization grew out of the desire of retirees to maintain contact with colleagues and friends made during years of working at Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW). With an idea conceived by former Northwest Regional Administrator James DeLong and sponsorship from former Vice President and Regional Manager Daniel Webster, KaPeRs held its first membership meeting in February, 1988, and has held quarterly meetings and sponsored events since then. All KPNW retirees (including KFHP/H, CHR, NWP and PDA ) are automatically members of KaPeRs. No enrollment forms and no membership dues are required.

      The founding Executive Committee of KaPeRs, formed in December 1987, proposed organizational goals which were related to social, educational, supportive and special interests. These were defined as:

  • KaPeRs is a social organization to renew and further friendships.
  • KaPeRs will promote social responsibility and the welfare of retirees.
  • KaPeRs will provide a forum for subjects of interest to retirees.
  • KaPeRs will provide an opportunity for development of special interest groups.

The KaPeRs name and above goals were endorsed by the full membership at its first meeting. The goals remain KaPeRs’ guiding principals today.

Organizational Structure

The KaPeRs membership elects the following officers for two-year terms: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Officers, as well as the Immediate Past President, form the Executive Committee. The KaPeRs Board of Directors consists of all members of the Executive Committee, all Committee Chairs and all Liaisons. Currently there are also several Members-At-Large who bring expertise to Board discussions. Committee Chairs and Liaison positions, appointed by the President or respective liaison group, are listed below:

  • Membership
  • Special Events
  • Quarterly Programs
  • KaPeRs KARE
  • Newsletter
  • Northwest Permanente, P.C. (Liaison)
  • Permanente Dental Associates (Liaison)

Officer elections occur each year. A slate of officers is presented by a nominating committee at the September membership meeting, and a voice vote is taken at the December membership meeting.