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KaPeRs Luncheon

The first quarter genermal member luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2017 at noon. The application form is available here.

Alison Bahr, MD, Luncheon Guest Speaker

 Villages NW logoVillages NW (villagesnw.org) is a new non-profit organization enabling Pacific NW residents to successfully age in place by establishing a network of sustainable, neighborhood — based “villages” to provide programming and services so that seniors are actively involved in — rather than isolated from — their communities. There are currently four Villages serving members in Southeast and Northeast Portland, Beaverton and Western Washington County. Three more are expected to launch by the end of 2017.

      Dr. Alison Bahr joined the local “Village” movement in October 2013, became a Board member in January 2014 and has served as Board president since January 2015. On January 26, 2016, KPNW announced that Dr. Alison Bahr, had been awarded the David Lawrence Community Service Award recognizing volunteerism from Kaiser Permanente employees. Since starting with Villages NW, she has volunteered approximately 20 hours a month, with roles in strategic planning and fundraising plus local Village education, advising and oversight. As Board president, Dr. Bahr has brought the role of physician leader out of the clinic into the community. She lives and breathes the knowledge that true community health and well-being starts in the community, with clinical and hospital care stepping in only as necessary.

       Join us on Thursday, February 23, to learn more about Villages NW; and if you have the time or talent to share, you might show your support for the movement by helping to build a Village, too.

January 2017 Newsletter is now available

Front pageThe January issue of the Newsletter is available here for printing (PDF).


President's Corner

Sue Hennessy

Happy New Year to all KPNW Retirees! I am pleased to serve as your President of KaPeRs for 2017 and excited to serve with our Vice President, Patti Lawler, who will assume the Presidency next year, and with our Board of Directors to guide our growing organization. Our current membership is over 3000 retirees with more joining each month.

     We continue to enjoy the financial support of the Regional office, the Credit Union, and the mailroom at KPB to conduct our general meetings, board meetings, newsletters, and Community Giving efforts. In spite of increased support from the Region, KaPeRs continues to rely also on your donations and volunteerism to support our efforts. We hope to develop easier and electronic means of accepting and acknowledging your help in the coming months.

One of our largest expenses is mailing the newsletter. Today, we have only 800–900 members participating by email. As always, we will continue to encourage you to sign up to receive the newsletter by email vs. mail. PLEASE send your name, phone number, and email address to Patsy VandeVenter, Membership Committee Chair (e-mail: gvpats@aol.com) to receive the news electronically and support KaPeRs financially.

     In 2017, we will continue to hold our quarterly general meetings/social get-togethers. Please plan to join us on February 23 at Town Hall when Dr. Alison Bahr, Permanente Physician, winner of the David Lawrence Community Service Award, and Chair of the NW Villages Board will be our speaker. We will learn more about NW Villages and their efforts to support seniors aging in place. We hope, too, that you will be inspired to volunteer with NW Villages.

Increasing volunteerism, recognizing volunteerism amongst retirees, and making it easier to sign up for volunteer activities beside our active employees will be a continuing focus of our Board this year. We always want to hear about your volunteer activities — regardless of where they are — and will publish your stories in the newsletter as we receive them. We know that social connection and giving back to our communities is correlated with healthy aging!

Our Board is currently focused on planning for upcoming activities for the year. Workshop topics, day tour ideas, group trip to Seattle for a Mariners game are just some of the things we are exploring. Please let us know your interests and ideas and we will incorporate into our planning.

     We are also excited to have Nick Socotch join our Board and serve as chair of a new committee that will work closely with KPNW Nursing Leadership to pilot a nursing mentorship program. The pilot will match retired nurses with new grads and will provide professional guidance, wisdom, and support as the new grads move into their nursing roles. If you are interested in learning more about this program and/or serving as a mentor, contact Nick Socotch, RN, at socotch@msn.com or call 503-516-7197.



Kaiser Permanente's first convenient care neighborhood clinic, Care Essentials, opened on December 22, 2016. Care Essentials will provide easy access to care for KP members and nonmembers.

People will be able to schedule an appointment online at careessentials.org or by phone: 1-855-235-0491 (TTY: 711).

     They can also walk in anytime we're open to schedule an appointment (though the next available appointment might be the following day).

      Patients of all age groups, from babies to seniors, will be treated for common illnesses and injuries, such as colds, flu, strep throat, and minor burns.

       Clinicians will also provide preventive services, such as immunizations and check-ups, and can write prescriptions.

     Visit the Care Essentials website to browse services and pricing, and book appointments online.


As part of Kaiser Permanente’s Find Your Words campaign, which seeks to remove the stigma around depression and mental illness, we’ve partnered with local Portland mural artists to create two large-scale street murals to continue the conversation around mental health.

The timing of the murals aligns nicely with the opening of the new Unity Center for Behavioral Health, of which Kaiser Permanente is a proud partner.


The artists created two murals in hightraffic locations.

  • 1601 NE MLK Blvd. This highlyvisible mural at a busy intersection wraps around the entire building. Since this building is currently vacant, the owner has agreed to having the mural up indefinitely; art will be maintained by the artists.
    Artists were joined by foster and at-risk youth from Color Outside the Lines, a nonprofit that believes in the power of art
  • 108 SW Stark. This is located within prime
    sightlines from the westbound end of the Morrison Bridge. Art will remain in place through February.

Street Art

About the artists

Rather Severe — Based in Portland, Jon Stommel and Travis Czekalski are the team behind “Rather Severe”. They’ve worked together professionally since 2010 to bring their combined aesthetic styles to the worlds of murals, illustrations, and public art, in an effort to inspire the community and enrich the experience of being in ublic spaces.

Blaine Fontana — With his wife and creative partner, Blaine Fontana currently runs Fontana Studios, a multi-media art and design studio in Portland. With over 11,000 Instagram followers, his work is known and respected in the U.S. and throughout the world. He is currently an Advisory Board


Cedar Hills Dental and Medical Office Now Open

Cedar Hills Dental/Medical Office

      Kaiser Permanente recently opened a new dental and medical clinic in Beaverton’s Cedar Hills area, making it easier and more convenient for members to access care where they live and work.
The facility opened January 9. It offers general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental hygiene services, and sameday/next-day medical appointments for minor injuries and illnesses, as well as preventive services.

      Kaiser Permanente Northwest is committed to maximizing our unique medical–dental integration potential to provide innovative, coordinated care for our members. We have medical and dental clinicians working together at Cedar Hills to meet more of our members’ needs in 1 visit.

      We already have several offices where dental and medical are collocated. At Cedar Hills, we’re testing warm hand-offs between medical and dental providers and other ways to further integrate these services.

We’re also furthering our telehealth capabilities by equipping exam rooms with technology to support video and telephone visits for medical appointments.

      “The new Cedar Hills location demonstrates Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to innovation and redefining total health care for our members, community, and industry,” said Trevor Franklin, Senior Administrator, Ambulatory Care.

Kaiser Hospice Volunteer Program

Respite for a family caregiver or friendly visitor to hospice patients. Flexible to your schedule. Training provided.



February 14, 2018 KaPeRs General Membership Meeting


September 22, 2016 KaPeRs General Meeting

Dr Charles ElderDr. Charles R. Elder, MD, MPH-Internal Medicine Physician/Complementary Medicine Researcher will be the guest speaker at the general member luncheon. You can find the sign up form in the August Newsletter.


There was a time not so long ago when the term “alternative medicine” conjured up all sorts of visions in many people’s minds. However, times are changing and the integration of conventional and alternative medicine is finally being accepted by the traditional medical world. Experts in the field say this is driven by overwhelming patient demand.
     Integrative medicine advocates say while pills and procedures still help millions of patients, the evidence is mounting that diet and nutrition, natural therapeutics such as supplements, vitamins, herbs, and acupuncture, along with lifestyle behaviors such as exercise and smoking cessation also have a direct impact on disease.
     Doctor Charles Elder, an Internist with Northwest Permanente since 1991, is one of only a few physicians trained in both conventional and complementary medicine. In addition to studying mind/body techniques, acupressure, and Ayurveda, he also practices some of these techniques himself. Dr. Elder not only believes it’s important to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle… but to set a good example. He’s maintained a meditation routine for nearly 30 years and enjoys hiking, skiing, and cycling - frequently commuting to work by bicycle, an 18-mile round trip! (Check out this Kaiser video interview) https://youtu.be/Xdu22z578ou
     Join us for lunch on September 22 for to hear how Dr. Elder applies integrative medicine in his own practice, the impact these therapies have in the management of his patients, and the research being done that could impact the future of complementary and alternative medicine.

August Newsletter

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April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is here or it can be selected from the Newsletter button in the left navigation pane.

General Luncheon Meeting Guest Speaker

Tim Borne, NWP’s Chief of Staff, will join us on February 25 to provide us with some insight into the direction of the Medical Group and the challenges it faces in the rapidly changing health care environment.

     We’ll get updates on the new developments in the Kaiser Program — the Northwest Region’s January 2016 opening of new medical and dental offices in Eugene, it’s acquisition of Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, and the Southern California Region’s plan to open the Program’s first medical school, which will enroll 50 students in 2019.

     Tim has worked as a Change Leader for both KPNW and Northwest Permanente, leading the change management effort on the Medical Home implementation as well as the Primary Care foundation redesign in the Northwest Region. He is a sought after speaker in the community as well as within the many Kaiser Regions, and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Marylhurst University and Pacific University where he teaches communication skills in their graduate and undergraduate programs. Join us for this timely and informative presentation — seats are limited so sign up soon!

January Newsletter

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November Newsletter

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August Newsletter

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April Newsletter

The online version of the Newsletter may be found at this link and links to this and past issues may be viewed by taking this link or pressing the 'Pictures' button in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

     This issue features: review of The Beauty of Korea, Korean traditional dance and drumming, President's Corner, Keeping in Touch, Volunteers caring and sharing, KaPeRs' going green, February Luncheon raffle winners, February General Meeting/Luncheon highlights, KP News Roundup, new retirees, Board of Directors actions, KaiPerm CU News and the May General Meeting/Luncheon signup form. 

KaPeRs 2014 Community Giving Project

The KaPeRs 2014 Community Giving Project is now underway. Look for details in your mailbox to contribute to KaPeRs' 2014 Community Giving Project designating Oregon Food Bank and North By Northeast Community Health Center as recipients of all funds raised. Your contributions, regardless of amount, make this annual project a success for so many in our communities.

August KaPeRs Newsletter

The August KaPeRs Newsletter in PDF form is available by clicking this link.


Travel Expert and Guru of Organized Packing by Anne McAlpin

Anne McAlpine     Want to learn the secrets to packing the perfect carry-on bag, preparing for airport security, packing for a cruise and tips for women traveling alone? Then join us for lunch on Wednesday, September 24, to meet the “go-to” expert on everything travel - Anne McAlpin.

     Anne’s approach to creating a complete travel experience has captivated audiences at her personal presentations and on national TV. Her appearances as a guest on Oprah®, CNN®, The Today Show® and PBS have reached hundreds of millions of viewers. She has flown more than 2 million miles, traveled in over 73 countries and cruised through the Panama Canal 98 times!

     Anne brings her professional traveler’s eye to her events…. from what to pack, to how to pack it perfectly. She makes packing fun by demonstrating an invaluable set of travel tips for any type of travel. Sign up early! This will be a sell-out!

     Check out this biography of Anne at here and visit her website using this link.


APRIL HENRY, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"How I Quit My Day Job and Became a Killer and a Thief,”

April HenryYou’ve always wanted to write that novel, right? Well, get your “creative” on and join us for lunch on May 28, take in KaPeRs’ 2nd Annual Art Show and meet local mystery writer (and former KP employee) April Henry, who will tell us how stubbornly following her dreams of being a writer paid off! This New York Times best-selling author has written over a dozen mysteries for teens and adults. Her first novel “Circles of Confusion” debuted in 1999 and was short-listed for the Agatha Award and the Anthony Award. April started writing young-adult thrillers in 2006 and speaks to students all over the US promoting literacy. Her books have ignited a spark and many young non-readers have discovered the joy of reading, writing and research because of her passion. In 2009 April’s adult thriller (the first in the Triple Threat Club series, co-written with Lis Wiehl), was on the NY Times best seller list for four weeks. Check out April’s website for a closer look at her very successful writing career and her interesting life!

See you in May.

April Henry's web site: www.aprilhenrymysteries.com


Art Class Offered April 21st at Town Hall

Kathy DeLumpa AllegriHave you ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor painting? Now’s your chance! A three-hour watercolor class, taught by well-known local artist Kathy DeLumpa Allegri, is being offered through KaPeRs on Monday, April 21, at Town Hall. Kathy is a prolific plein air (“in the open air”) artist and muralist based in Gresham. Her watercolors and acrylics of Provencal vineyards, Pacific NW forests, and Hawaiian waterfalls are vibrant and expressions of her passion for life. Learn more about Kathy’s work at her website: http://kdallegri.com/KathyAllegri/Welcome.html


For more information and the sign up form, go here.


February 20 Luncheon

Are the Keys in the Freezer>

Brenda NiblockWhat’s the difference between normal forgetfulness and dementia? Brenda Niblock, our speaker for KaPeRs’ February 20 luncheon, is one of four sisters who advocated for their mother when she was diagnosed with dementia. Brenda will share incidents in their family’s five-year journey that led them to conclude that their mother did have dementia; how they responded to changes in their mother’s ability to live on her own; the difficult decisions regarding her safety, medication management, driving, and finances; and how they shaped the direction of her care.

     Their family’s story will perhaps be familiar to you as many people 65 and over become caregivers for their spouses, parents or other family members.
Brenda’s story offers a newcomer’s perspective to dementia and a roadmap for others in similar circumstances.

     Please join us to hear this heartfelt, personal story and to learn more about dementia, a disease that affects over 5 million people. Check out their website at www.DementiaStrategies.com for more information.

     For a brief introduction, see this page on the DementiaStrategies.com web site.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Town Hall


A very special treat awaits us at this year’s KaPeRs’ Holiday Luncheon!

Co-Directors of the Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir, LaRhonda Steele, Ron Shoals, and Janice Scroggins; and guest singer MaryEtta Callier-Wells, will bring their incomparable vocal and musical talents to inspire us with their traditional and contemporary Black Gospel music!  


LaRhonda is a multi-talented Portland soul, R&B and Gospel artist; Ron, another powerhouse vocalist, has directed church choirs for many years (and he’s a KP employee!), Janice is a well-known local keyboardist who won a Grammy in 2011 for her work on the Esperanza Spaulding/Thara Memory song “City of Roses,” and  MaryEtta is known for her soulful vocal stylings. 


They are part of the 64-member Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir, whose mission is “…to employ Gospel music to express the power of spirit and bring a message of faith, hope, love and joy to our community…and to serve as a model for what is possible among people.”   We very honored that this message will be celebrated with our KaPeRs community on December 18.


Get into the spirit of the holiday season and join us for this very special event!   

For more information, visit the Portland Interfaith Gosepl Choir website.

From the Board

Marci Clark, president of the Board of KaPeRs, had provided this information about our community outreach program.


"At the last Board meeting we voted to donate $500 to a non-profit organization during this season of giving.  As directed, Kathryn and I have decided on 2 organizations that will receive $250 each. 

They are: 

Community Warehouse
Community Warehouse
that provides household furnishings to vulnerable populations who are transitioning from the street or a community living situation to their own home/apartment (click the logo to visit their web site)


North by Northeast Community Health Center
North by NE Community Health Center
that provides free screenings and basic health services to uninsured adults in North/Northeast Portland.   Both represent worthy causes that help improve lives for at-risk populations in our communities." (click the logo to visit theitr web site)

November 2013 Newsletter

The November 2013 KaPeRs newsletter may be viewed at this link.

Art Exhibit

There was a successful art exhibit at the May 21st General Meeting and you will find information about the exhibitors by clicking on their names.

  1. Barb Hervey
  2. Easther Haberman
  3. Gerhard Peter
  4. Janet Schook
  5. John Gerhardt
  6. Judi Berenson
  7. Laura Dickinson
  8. Lucy Nonnenkamp
  9. Marci Clark
  10. Maureen O'Connor
  11. Patti Lawler
  12. Raj Sarda
  13. Rita Towney
  14. Sharon Sandgren
  15. Kathryn Holt


August 2013 Newsletter


The April 2013 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading and on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • President Corner by Marci Clark
  • KaPeRs Fall Tour Columbia River George/Hood River Fruit Harvest
  • Keeping in Touch: Sue Rethinger, Anna Thomas, Millie Blodgett, Michaell Hathaway and Tom Grey
  • May Arts Exhibit
  • Roer Anunsen on Healthy Aging
  • Thanks Marge Lyster
  • May Luncheon Raffle Winners
  • KP News Roundup
  • List of New Retirees
  • Board of Directors Actions
  • KaiPerm CU News
  • Wednesday, 18 September General Luncheon Meeting registration form.
  • And other useful information for Kaiser retirees. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

KaPeRs Community Giving Campaign

Oregon Food Bank Does Great Work with Local Families

"Hunger in the Northwest continues to be a threating problem for children, seniors and others who struggle to put food on the table each day. ... To help address the need, your Kaiser Permanente Retirees organization voted once again to support the Oregon Food Bank as the KaPeRs 2013 Community Giving Campaign recipient." Read the rest of the article and how you may participate by clicking here.

Fall Tour: Columbia Gorge/Hood River Fruit Harvest

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Join us for our second day trip of 2013 as we travel the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway with stops along the way to view the amazing waterfalls and incredible vistas – Joe, our geologist/historian/storyteller, will make the past come alive with his tales of the area’s history and its geology! Next, we’ll take time to enjoy our boxed lunch at Bonneville Dam, enjoying the views from the patio or watching the fish as they make their way up the Columbia River. Then we’ll travel on to Hood River and visit two of the area’s pear and apple orchards. Here you’ll have time to browse and shop, while you sample new crop varieties of pears and apples, freshly baked cookies, local jams and fruit butters. Stock up on fresh fruit and other local products to give as gifts or enjoy over the winter months – there’ll be space on the bus for your purchases.

       Visit KaPeRs’ website to see photos of our June tour of Mt Angel Abbey and Oregon Gardens, where a wonderful time was had by all! Don’t miss out on these fun and educational excursions! Bring a friend and make a new one! The cost of $79 per person includes deluxe coach transportation, tour escort and a local geologist, complimentary bottled water, boxed lunch (vegetarian option available), and gratuities. The bus will depart Town Hall at 8:30 am and return at approximately 4:30 pm. Plan to arrive by 8:15 to ensure a timely departure!

       To sign up, please contact Kathryn Holt, Treasurer, at 503-223-0311. Deadline for sign-up and payment is Friday, September 20; a check made out to KaPeRs may be mailed at anytime to: KaPeRs Tours, P.O. Box 4543, Portland OR 97208.


April 2013 Newsletter


The April 2013 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading and on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • President Corner by Marci Clark
  • Quarterly Luncheon on May 21st (Please note the 11:30 starting time for the May 21st luncheon. This early start will allow attendees to view the Arts Exhibit and visit with the artists.)
  • Mt. Angel Abbey & Oregon Gardens Tour (Thursday June 27)
  • Keeping in Touch: Bennie Ramirez, Kay Lang, Nori Vogt, Carolyn Crow, Richard Meyer, Orville Furber, James "Marty" Linville, Esther Haberman, Christine Clements, Mohammad Kharoti and Virginia Fairchild.
  • social Security Statements Go Online
  • ID theft and fraud - facts to know
  • In Memorium and new retirees
  • Volunteers caring and sharing
  • KaPeRs Carbon Footprint
  • February Luncheon Raffle Winners
  • Board of Directors Actions
  • Poet's Corner: Portrait of a Sunset by Mary Ramsey
  • Registration form for Tuesday May 21 Luncheon (starting at 11:30am to allow viewing of the Arts Exhibit).
  • And other useful information for Kaiser retirees. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

January Newsletter

The January 2013 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading and on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • President Corner by Marci Clark
  • Keeping In Touch
  • KaPeRs Arts Exhibit
  • Information about KaPeRs events and the new Board of Directors
  • KP News Roundup
  • KaiPerm Credit Union News
  • And other useful information for Kaiser retirees. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

November Newsletter

The November 2012 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading and on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • President Marci Clark's trip to China in the President's Corner column
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Board of Director's Actions
  • Two Ducks, Two Vehicles, Forty-Two Hundred Miles ... Oh Plus Three Inspirations! by Carla Robertson
  • KaPeRs Carbon Footprint
  • Marci Clark on Building Houses in Mongolia
  • KP News Roundup
  • And more. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

Survey Regarding KaPeRs Sponsored Tours

In 2012 KaPeRs along with Take Time Tours arranged two very interesting, educational, fun and well-received tours for our members. In order for us to continue to offer high-quality, enjoyable venues, we ask that you take a few moments to review the following survey and give us your input regarding future tours. We’ve included a variety of venue ideas provided by our tour director and also from past surveys of KaPers members. Please print out the survey and send it in. Find the survey here.

Bernard Tyson elected new CEO of Kaiser

The board of directors of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan today named Bernard J. Tyson the next chairman and chief executive officer of the organization, the nation’s largest integrated health care system. Tyson will succeed current chairman and CEO George Halvorson, who has served in the role since 2002 and recently announced that he will retire next year. Read the press release here.


Our annual Holiday Luncheon will be held on December 12 at a new venue: the Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom, 1441 NE 2nd Avenue (and Weidler). In addition to our traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, there will be a no-host bar and entertainment provided by The Dickens Carolers, always a seasonal favorite! And there's plenty of free parking! Be sure to send your reservation form in as soon as possible - seating will be limited! We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you! Cost for this luncheon will be $12 per person (both for members and guests).

     NOTE: Self-parking is free but VALET PARKING is $15. 


Missing Retirees List

Please help us reconnect with retirees that we have lost track of since 2010. Click here for a list and if you know the correct e-mail or postal service address please let us know.



August Newsletter

The August 2012 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • President Marci Clark's trip to China in the President's Corner column
  • A Day in the Wine Country Tour (25 September)
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Member Discounts
  • Board of Director's Actions
  • Report on the Salem Tour in Did You Know?
  • Sally Newton on Springtime in Holland and Belgium
  • A new column called Poet's Corner and a poem by Janet Weerts called Dim Sum
  • And more. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

April Newsletter

The April 2012 KaPeRs Newsletter is available as a PDF document for reading on-line or printing. The newsletter includes articles on:

  • The Forensic Pedestrain talk to be presented at the May luncheon by Laura O. Foster.
  • Marci Clark's President's Corner on small events leading to big changes.
  • Dates to Remember
  • Information about the State Capital and Mission Mills Museum Tour on June 6th
  • KaPeRs Officer nomination information
  • The IT Gadget Workshops
  • Keeping In Touch: Linda Knudson, Donna Forsberg and Eillene Rehmer
  • Dick and Sally Potter's 70 year marriage
  • Kaiser Member Discounts
  • Board of Director's Actions
  • KaPeRs Carbon Footprint
  • Cheryl Harmon on her Trans Atlantic Cruise
  • KP News Roundup
  • And more. To read the Newsletter, take this link.

September 25th: Trip to the Wine Country

Our second tour of the year will take us to the Red Hills of Dundee known for its beautiful countryside and fabulous wines. In addition to tasting Durant Vineyards superior wines, we will learn more about Oregon’s new agricultural endeavor—growing olives and pressing fi rst class olive oils.

  • Date: Tuesday, September 25—please arrive at Town Hall by 9:15 a.m. for check-in - our Deluxe motor coach w/tour escort will depart at 9:30 a.m.
  • Cost: $60 per person—includes transportation, tour/escort, wine tasting, olive oil tasting /mill tour, lunch and gratuities

Red Ridge Farms/Durant Vineyards/Oregon Olive Mill: Nestled in the heart of Oregon Wine Country,Red Ridge Farms started out as a family-owned nursery and has evolved into something much more…a destination.

     Taste distinctive flavors of the olive oils produced at the Oregon Olive Mill’s state-of-the-art olive-pressing facility—over 13,000 olive trees are planted on their 17 acres. Sip on Durant Vineyard wines produced sustainably from grapes grown right on the property. Savor a wine country lunch in a spectacular setting (wine by the glass is available for purchase).

     Tour the nursery and browse the selection of aromatic herbs, olive tress, specialty plants, and unusual outdoor pottery. Wander the gift shop full of local products, olive oils, specialty vinegars, gourmet salts, tea, books, houseplants….and more!

     We expect this will be a very popular trip. To make your reservation, please complete the form found at this link. The Registration Form

June 30 & July 1

Salem World Beat Festival

Tip from  Mark Murakami, Optical Department retiree

....An open Invitation to all to attend the 15th annual Salem World Beat Festival on June 30 and July 1, 2012. It is located at Riverfront City Park near the Salem Carousel.

Kaiser Permanente has been a major participant and sponsor of this annual event since its beginning. They sponsor and host the Stepping Stage which is a venue of performances in the European Village. If you attend, please stop by the KP tent/booth and say "Hi" to the Kaiser Permanente employees volunteering.

Visit http://www.salemmulticultural.org and click on World Beat Festival for more details.



May 23– Luncheon Program


Laura O. Foster, author of Walk There, Portland Hill Walks, Portland City Walk and her latest The Portland Stairs Book will be our May luncheon presenter. Join us for this great opportunity to meet Laura (dubbed Portland’s “Walking Guru”) and to learn more about her wonderful guidebooks that lead readers and walkers on urban excursions around our city… telling the stories of neighborhoods' geology, human history, and architecture… as well as many offbeat historical tidbits!

     Visit Laura’s website www.portlandhillwalks.com and her blog
Portlandwalking.blogspot.com for a closer look at her background and other exciting ventures in the works! PDF for printing.


June 6--All Day Tour


On Wednesday June 6, departing at 8:15 am from Town Hall and returning at 4:15 pm, we will have a guided tour of the State Capitol Buliding and the Mission Mill Museum in Salem. The $68/person cost includes all admissions, guides, lunch and gratuities. More information and Sign-up form.


January Newsletter on the Web

The January KaPeRs Newsletter is now available here or through the Newsletter  tab at the left.


High-Technology Workshops are Coming

In January and February two workshops explaining how to use new high-tech gadgets will be offered to all KaPeRs members and their families (for FREE!). Some of you gave us your preferences and here’s what we’ve come up with:


Thursday, January 26 - Workshop I – 1:00 – 2:00 pm – Town Hall

  • Digital Cameras (downloading photos, photo-editing software, etc)
  • Cell Phones – (from “dumb” to “smart” and their myriad applications)

Thursday, February 2, Workshop II - 1:00 – 2:00 pm – Town Hall

  • Personal Computers (including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones).

John King, Multimedia Communications Consultant, with Northwest Permanente, will facilitate the workshops using plenty of visuals. A “lingo” sheet with terms that are apropos to the selected devices will be included as a handout and discussed as the devices are presented. Note that you are welcome to bring your gadget(s) along but our intention is to provide a general overview of these devices for the interest of all attendees. At the end of the workshop there will be time for more Q & A.

     Please complete and return the Sign-up Form (PDF) as soon as possible to ensure your space at the Workshops. (Impress your family with your new-found knowledge!) Looking forward to seeing you there!

December 20 - Holiday Luncheon Program

Be prepared for a spiritually uplifting Holiday Luncheon on December 20. Frannie Jackson and the Life Change Christian Center Choir will inspire you with Gospel music and songs pertinent to this very special time of year. Frannie, a retired Kaiser employee of 25 years, directed the Kaiser Carolers at KPB and other facilities for nearly 20 years. Join us in sharing a delicious holiday meal with former colleagues and friends and enjoying what I am sure will be a moving (in more ways than one) celebration of the holiday season!

September 20 General Meeting Speakers Announced

Westside Medica Center Artists renderingIt’s been over a year since our last update on the construction of Kaiser’s Westside medical facilities…..and things are moving right along! Jim Gersbach, Kaiser’s Senior Consultant for Hospital Communications, and Bryan Waide, Director of Service Internalization and Effectiveness, will provide us with the inside scoop re the opening of our new Hillsboro Medical Office and the very latest on the progress of the Westside Medical Center construction (due to open in May of 2013).
      Be sure to join us for lunch on September 20th for this informative and interesting presentation. ♦

Vancouver Symposium Offers Tips for Living with Diabetes

From the August KaPeRs Newsletter

On Saturday, October 29 at Gaiser Hall, Clark College, Vancouver, WA, starting at 8:30 am, a healthy breakfast will be served followed by a free symposium on Living Successfully with diabetes which will end at Noon.

     If you have diabetes, there is help. This upcoming symposium is your oppertunity to learn from our health experts and explore educational resources. 

     To secure a seat, email us (mary.ann.schell@kp.org) your first and last name with the subject line: living successfully with diabetes. 

Portland's Sunday Parkways

From the August KaPeRs Newsletter

Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring the Sunday Parkways event. During this free event, area streets are closed to traffic, letting you discover the various routes that connect Portland's neighborhood parks. Visit www.portlandsundayparkways.com for information. Scheduled events:

  • August 20, SE Portland: 11 am to 4 pm
  • September 25: NE Portland, noon to 5pm

KaPeRs Sponsors 2011 Oregon Food Bank Drive

"This is the third year that KaPeRs, your Kaiser Permanente Retiree Organization, has elected to give a hand-up to low income individuals and families in Oregon and Southwest Washington who are served by the Oregon Food Band." more...

Kaiser Shipyards topic of library talk

The Tigard Public Library will present a free program from 7 to 8pm Monday July 25, about the history and legacy of Portland's Kaiser Shipyards. "A Ship Grows in Portland: the Kaiser Shipyards" features Caitlin Shrigley from the Oregon Maritime Museum.

      The program will be held in the Libraray's Houghton Room, 13125 SW Hall Blvd. For more information call the library at 503-718-2517 or visit their website at www.tigard-or.gov/library and click on "Programs & Classes."

May 24 General Meeting Speaker Announced

The speaker at the May 24th General Member Meeting will be Dr. Jill Ginsberg. You may remember the stories in The Oregonian about the woman who "just can't stop giving out $100 bills."

     In case you didn't read the stories, here are several links to Oregonian stories on their oregonlive.com web site.

April Newsletter

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