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Welcome to KaPeRs Web site, an information source for current and future retirees of Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Learn about the founding of the Kaiser Permanente Retirees Organization, who we are, and what we do. To access topics listed, click on the navigation links at the upper left or bottom of each page.

We hope you find this Web site a useful resource, and we welcome your suggestions for making it even better.

New Web Pages Comming

In early 2018, we will be introducing a new look to our web. Chack back here often to see a link to the web site. We will introduce a beta site at the February General Membership Luncheon.

KaPeRs Making Changes to Newsletter Distribution

See page 2 of the January 2018 Newsletter (PDF link) for important changes that are coming to the printed version of the Newsletter.

See the BREAKING NEWS for the latest news about KaPeRs.

See the About Us page for a brief history of our founding, our structure and goals.

See the Contact Us page to communicate with KaPeRs Board Members.

The Activities page includes important information regarding upcoming KaPeRs meetings, programs, annual community giving campaign and special events.

Current and former Newsletters are available at the Newsletter page.

The KP News page includes Kaiser Permanente Northwest information, KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union services and KPNW Human Resources Service Center contacts.

The Volunteer Opportunities page contains information about Senior volunteer opportunities with KaPeRs, KPNW and other local, national and international volunteer organizations.