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KaPeRs Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism is an important activity in the lives of many retirees. Whether you have one hour a month, one day a week, or unlimited “extra” time, giving it away as a volunteer can reap important benefits. According to recent research, “giving back” has been linked to four key elements of healthful living: a sense of accomplishment, more robust emotional health, more physical activity and a larger social network. Hundreds of opportunities are available in your local area, nationally and even abroad. See below for a list of organizations to get you started.


Volunteer Resource Guide for KaPeRs Members


Kaiser Hospice Volunteer Program

Respite for a family caregiver or friendly visitor to hospice patients. Flexible to your schedule. Training provided.


Oregon Food Bank

Fighting hunger by distributing food to individuals and families in Oregon and Southwest Washingon.

Start Making A Reader Today (SMART)

Helping kids become confident readers since 1992.

Habitat for Humanity

Affordable housing for families in need

Senior Corps

Retired and Senior Voluntary Program (RSVP), Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion

Medical Teams International (formerly Northwest Medical Teams)

Humanitarian aid, community health, mobile dental clinics, disaster response

Mercy Corps

Health services, sustainable economic development, disaster response


Health services, environmental protection, tutoring, disaster response

Fuller Center for Housing

Affordable housing for families in need

Peace Corps (50+ Volunteers)

Education, community development, health, business, IT, agriculture

World Teach

Volunteer teaching in schools and communities

Orphanage Outreach

Opportunities in Dominican Republic

International Volunteer Headquarters

Teaching, HIV/AIDS awareness, land conservation, orphanage

Experiential Learning International

Health services, teaching, orphanage

Volunteers for Peace

Sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, archaeological projects, teaching

* List of organizations compiled from select Google searches. No endorsement implied.